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Sheet Music

**Many of Ian’s compositions for big band and trombone ensemble are now available at!**

Ian McDougall sheet music (sales and rentals) is available from... 

Ian McDougall/McDougall Music 

The following works can be rented or purchased directly from us. Please contact us for more information and to request a price quote. 

Music for Big Band 

The Pellet Suite 
• No, Not Sir Henry 
• Last Summer 
• Back Bacon Blues 
• B.B. Gun 

Blue Serge Suit(e) Club 
• Sirocco 
• Somnamblues 
• Blues Unblue 

No Passport Required 
Suite Composed for the BBC Big Band 
Features trumpet/flugel and trombone as soloists, but any other two instruments could be featured 

Other Works for Big Band... 
Heading Back 
Sea Jay 
Breen (big band tutti ballad ) 
Lightly Turning 
Cats Don't Have Eyebrows 
Desolation Blues 
Do You Mean It 
Fuerte Como Toro 
Greetings From McSlide to McValve 
The Place of Shoaling Waters 
You Better Believe It 
Whenever I'm Alone With You 

Music for Jazz Trombone Ensemble 

Lightly Turning 
Night After Night 
Not All a Dream 
Whenever I'm Alone With You 

Music for Small Ensemble 

Three Pieces for String Quartet 
Cavatina for Brass Quintet 

Music for Large Ensemble, Orchestra and Chorus 

Beyond Struggle (A.D.2000); poem for Brass Ensemble and Percussion 
Ojistoh; for female voice (soprano or mezzo-soprano) with chamber orchestra 
Symphonic Suite for Jazz Band and Orchestra; for full symphony orchestra and jazz band 
Concerto for Clarinet and String Orchestra 
Unitas Fratrum; for symphonic band 
Music, When Soft Voices Die; for two sopranos, chorus and orchestra 
Three Canadian Folk Songs; for SATB choir, strings, and electric guitar 


Available for digital download from... 

Music for Brass

L's L; for solo trumpet
Conversations; for tuba and double bass 
Bells; fanfare for brass quintet 
Brass Trio in 4 Movements; for trumpet, trombone, and horn 
In Memoriam; for 9 trombones (5 legit, 4 jazz) and rhythm section 


Available from... 

Warwick Music 

Music for Big Band 

One for Ed and Tony (trombone section feature) 

Music for Symphony Orchestra 

Concerto for Bass Trombone and Orchestra 
Solo and piano reduction of accompaniment 
(Orchestral parts rental also available from us) 



Vinyls "Three" and "Rio" are also available for purchase. Please contact us for more information.