The Ian mcdougall 12tet Live

Recorded March 2012 at the Cellar Jazz Club in Vancouver, BC

Alto Sax – Campbell Ryga, Chris Startup 
Tenor Sax – Ross Taggart, Phil Dwyer 
Trumpets – Derry Byrne, Brad Turner 
Trombones – Ian McDougall, Rod Murray 
Piano – Ron Johnston 
Guitar – Oliver Gannon 
Bass – Ken Lister 
Drums – Craig Scott 

Recording and mixing – David Sikula 
Mastered by Brad Turner at Groundhog Sound, Port Coquitlam, BC 
Produced by Ian and Barb McDougall 
Photos by Barb McDougall; CD design by Jo Dickins

Song List 

Tales of Cotton – Ian McDougall (9:21) 

Desolation Blues – Ian McDougall (8:12) 

LEDCC – Don Thompson (6:09)

Blue Bossa – Kenny Dorham, Arr. Ian McDougall (9:49) 

Silver Woody – Ian McDougall (8:33) 

Speak Softly – Phil Dwyer (8:17) 

Red Sky – Ian McDougall (8:45) 

Home – H. Clarkson, G. Clarkson (6:03) 

Dry with a Twist – Ian McDougall (7:51)