No Passport Required

Ian McDougall, trombone 
Brad Turner, trumpet and flugelhorn 
Campbell Ryga, sax and woodwinds 
Jack Stafford, sax and woodwinds 
Ross Taggart, sax and woodwinds 
Phil Dwyer, sax and woodwinds 
Chris Startup, sax and woodwinds 
Henry Christian, trumpet 
Derry Byrne, trumpet 
Tom Shorthouse, trumpet 
Don Clark, trumpet 
Jeremy Berkman, trombone 
Dennis Esson, trombone 
Sharman King, bass trombone 
Rod Murray, trombone 
Oliver Gannon, guitar 
Ron Johnston, piano 
Neil Swainson, bass 
Craig Scott, drums and percussion

Song List 

Heading Out  

Heading Back 


Lightly Turning 

Ian Leaps Out 


Do You Mean It? 

Sea Jay 

Greetings - from McSlide to McValve